"These fragments I shore against my ruins" (T. S. Eliot, The wasteland)


Jacqui Gallon is a British artist living and working in the Charnwood Forest area of Leicestershire. Working across a range of media – painting, printmaking, textiles, assemblage and writing – her work explores relationships between human loss, grief and remembering through notions of material culture. She often narrates these ideas through the use of worn clothing and other personal objects.

Jacqui is currently exploring how historical archives such as collections of clothing and photographs can be used to narrate human stories through the visual arts. By allowing her practice to sit at the intersection of social history, material culture and art making, she aims to retrieve and re-imagine human narratives, giving these stories a place in the present in which they may still resonate.

Jacqui has received several awards which have supported projects and artistic development including: participation in an Art and Archaeology course in Orkney; a cultural exchange residency, Siao-Long Cultural Park, Taiwan; a photographic project focussing on an archive of Edwardian Clothing; ‘The Art of Remembrance’. a community project.

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